Dried Linden Flowers (Lime) 20g

Dried Linden Flowers (Lime) 20g


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Dried Linden Leaf

Despite carrying the name of lime blossom, lime blossom tea tastes nothing like the small citrus fruit it shares its name with. In truth, lime blossom herbal tea has a strong, pleasant, sweet taste. Lime blossom flowers produce a sweet sticky substance, which bees adore and make the most wonderful honey with. It is because of this that you can drink lime blossom tea without any additional sweeteners

Lime blossom tea is rich in antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds that are great for reducing the symptoms of colds and flu. There’s nothing worse than inflamed sinuses and sore throats to make you feel rotten. As well as being a wonderfully warming sweet treat,  lime blossom tea does much to ease the effect of these uncomfortable symptoms: just like a “hug in a mug”.


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