Dried Elderflowers 20g

Dried Elderflowers 20g


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Elderflower tea HAS a distinctly ‘herby’ flavour, as you might expect from edible flowers. However, elderflower tea is sweeter than other floral teas and it also comes with a slightly musky tone. In terms of taste, it’s quite a lot like lychees, with a crisp finish that does much to cleanse the palate.

In addition to its pleasant flavour, elderflower tea is also known to provide a variety of health benefits. For those with colds and flu, it’s an intensely soothing drink that calms the sinuses and bronchial airways. Elderflower tea is also believed to be effective in the treatment of constipation, as well as being a powerful diuretic. Like so many other herbal teas, it’s one that provides great support to the body

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