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Our aim here at Wild-Crafter is to try and help people to re-connect with nature, to take control of their own well-being and to begin to feel alive and inspired by the wonderful gifts which surround us.

My name is Lorna and you can read more about the team at Wild-Crafter here. A friend of mine once commented how strange it was that after swimming or snorkelling in the sea how invigorated and full of electrical energy he felt. This friend has the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease and whilst there are many reasons why sea water swimming is good for you, there seemed to be an almost ‘magical’ transformation in his mood and spirit after taking a plunge. His eyes sparkled, and his smile was a picture! This image alone inspires me to hold on to the important values in my life. I endeavour to make a change, to do more of the things I’m passionate about, to share that passion with others and to help other people follow their own dreams.

For me, I have discovered that this feeling of truly being ‘alive’ and connected with oneself quite often happens when I’m in touch with nature. This may be from the very simple act of walking barefoot on grass, the scent of an unpicked flower, or watching a tiny insect go about its business. The truth is that in the hustle and bustle of our ‘important’ everyday living we can sometimes forget to fully appreciate these magical moments.

Throughout most of my career I’ve worked with young children. Over the years I have seen increasing pressure put on even the youngest of children (and the adults working with them) to achieve more and perform better. The more we squeeze the more disconnected we become. It’s no wonder that we’re living in an age where there’s more childhood anxiety and depression than ever before, and as adults we seek medical cures for lifestyle stresses and other related health problems.

One of the highlights of my time spent with the children I’ve worked with came about after taking a course on Forest Schools. During subsequent Forest School sessions, I have seen first-hand how children can almost instantaneously reconnect with nature and find those magical moments which can be lost in the classroom. It’s during these times that the deepest learning takes place; and here that the children physically, mentally and emotionally engage to their best.

My desire is to recapture these absorbing childhood experiences. My passion has always been with the outdoors; this is where I find that ‘buzz’ of electrical energy and here that my mood and spirit is lifted. I have never really ‘grown up’ in the sense that I still explore, experiment and learn as I go along. I find the deepest joy in the smallest successes of my journey and these are the things which must be celebrated if a better work-life balance and overall feeling of well-being is to be achieved.

It is possible to live a simpler yet more fulfilling life by following your passion and creating a new lifestyle. If you have ever dreamt about living a simpler life and creating a better work-life balance, then you must start with small steps first and build upon your achievements. This could be through the development of any interest or niche your heart desires. Our passion is wildcrafting in all its forms and we hope that you’ll find inspiration by following our journey.

Here at Wild-Crafter you will find some starter projects and more advanced techniques to explore and try out. Please give us your support by looking at our online shop and be aware that some of our posts may contain affiliate links, from which we may earn a small commission.

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"Phasellus ut felis odio. Fusce hendrerit, ex ac finibus pulvinar, tortor felis egestas turpis, id pellentesque ligula risus vel sem. Nullam ut nunc a magna varius varius."

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"Phasellus ut felis odio. Fusce hendrerit, ex ac finibus pulvinar, tortor felis egestas turpis, id pellentesque ligula risus vel sem. Nullam ut nunc a magna varius varius."

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