About Us

Welcome to Wild-Crafter

This site combines our love of herbs, well-being, nature, crafts, self-sufficiency and green living. If you enjoy exploring natural products or experimenting with home crafting then this may be site for you. We will show you step by step how to make your own natural products and crafted gifts with very little expense. Following our guide, you can begin to improve your own personal wellbeing, help other people you care about or perhaps bring home a little extra income if you decide to take to take your crafting business further. What if you could start up your own home crafting business and begin to spend more time doing the things you really enjoy?

Wild-Crafter is a family run business which started years ago from our shared love of nature. In the beginning we just enjoyed sharing our recipes and crafty projects to make simple meals and unique gifts for those special occasions. Having tested our products at small market fairs we’ve now decided to put our ideas together and create a website so that we can reach a wider audience, and perhaps develop a community of like-minded people who feel inspired to take action and make positive changes to their life.

Who are we?

Hello, I’m Lorna, and I’m the Wild-Crafter blogger behind the scenes. In my spare time I’m a beekeeper, gardener and home crafter. I plant flowers and herbs in the garden to attract wildlife and to help the bees. I love experimenting with craft projects and homemade gifts. I really care about our environment and how we can reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. I would like to think that the children of tomorrow will continue to enjoy the beauty of our natural world as much as we are privileged to do so today. If you want to learn more about my inspirations and values, and how you can begin transforming your own lifestyle – click here

Hi, I’m Jean, I hold a diploma in herbal medicine and have a passion for learning about plants. I truly believe that nature holds many secrets to health and happiness. My hobbies also include all kinds of crafty yarn work and using natural dyes, which I grow myself. I am happy to show small groups of people around my herb and dye gardens and invite you to get in touch with me if this is something you might be interested in. You may wish to take a look at my sister website which is dedicated to growing and working with natural dyes www.dyeing-crafts.co.uk

transforming your own lifestyle – click here

Hello, I’m Charlie, and I am often called into the garden to help out with some of the heavier jobs around the herb beds or beehives. I really don’t mind though, as I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside. One of my deepest interests is foraging for wildflower seeds, edible plants, berries and mushrooms. I just love it when I come across ‘a gift from nature’.